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anfractuousity's Journal

25 March 1988
n. pl. an·frac·tu·os·i·ties
     1. The condition or quality of having many          twists and turns.
     2. A winding channel, passage, or crevice.
     3. A complicated or involved process.

43things, aesthetics, affection, ancient forests, art, art blogs, art dolls, art toys, being goofy, bookbinding, childhood memories, coffee shops, cold fruity drinks, colorful pens, confused spirituality, craft blogs, crafts, cuddling, curly hair, dancing, dreams, dressing strangely, drinking tea/other tasty drinks, eco-houses and eco-villages, environmentalism, etsy, experiencing childlike happiness, feeling accomplished, feeling better, feeling connected, feeling excited, feeling mischevious, finding sanity, fireflies, food, getting things done, girly drinks, goals, having frizzy hair, heady summer nights, home decor, honest music, honesty, hugs, humor, incessant entry posting, innocence, innocent love, interesting paper journals, introspection, intuition, kisses, kitties, knitting, kooky/weird/unique things, learning, learning everything about art/crafts, learning to be better, lemon pie, love, making dolls, making jewelry, making lists, making purses and totes, making scarves/armwarmers, making stuffed toys, moon buns, music in general, my boyfriend's cooking, nature, new things, nostalgia, old music, painting, passionate interests, people watching, people with manners, photography, playing, pretty things, rainbows, reading, real people, road trips, roller coasters, satire, sculptural steel, second-hand shopping, self improvement, self-portraits, sewing, sewing bags, sewing plushies, shoes, simplicity, small cars, spontaneous romance, steampunk, swimming, talking, temperate weather, the mountains, the ocean, the smell of coffee, to-do lists, traveling, trying new things, trying to find myself, variety, vlogging, warm summer thunder storms, warmth, watching scenery go by, weaving, welding, writing, , , ,


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